The crowds are watching with bated breath as the athlete stretches himself waiting for the shout! All hunched and on his mark… and then he hears “Go!”. He charges in the race not noticing that running along with him is himself… in different roles and masks. A charade of clones, whizzing past him to reach the finishing line. In a micro second he notices, through the corners of his eyes, in a moving blur, the faces in the crowd. He knows all of them, again clones of himself. As his body heats up with the running, a realisation dawns on him, that this way or that way, HE will be the winner! But, he knows he is not the clone… and a fresh pump of adrenaline near the last few metres, helps him breeze past the second contender, as he tears apart the ribbon at the finishing line and runs many metres ahead, keeping pace with the momentum he has gained.

That runner was me, for the last year, on the journey of being a new PYP Coordinator. A journey that I look back now in a more relaxed manner, but when I was handed the baton, I not only knew that I had to prove myself, but also, that I had to leap and bound over many hurdles and race ahead many turns, to reach where I am today.

As I refresh my blog, the next few entries, will take you through the last year’s PYP track that I have run on, including the significant relay stops! Hope you enjoy my reflections, as I warm up for the next race!