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November 27, 2015

I read a book

This was my comment in verse on the post by Lindy Buckley almost 2 years back!


I read a book, on comets and stars,
On galaxies near and far.
Lazing on my sofa, reading on the bus,
Reading anytime anywhere, without a fuss!

I read a book, as it has many thoughts to share,
Of unknown people, who become heroes because they dare.
Sometimes, many new facts I learn,
Sometimes, brownie points I earn!

I read for pleasure, or for critical information,
I also read for appreciating the author’s imagination!
Sometimes I read two a week, sometimes four…
All that my mind says, ‘Give me more, give me more!’

My daughter’s Little Free Library at home!
By Abhimanyu Das Gupta
25th November, 2013

Back to the future!

Ages ago, in 2012, I wrote my last post

About a relay of equals, a race to the top.

Little did I know then, that the next stop

Would be after having been lost.


In the woods of pedagogy and administration,

I lost myself in its ups and downs, twists and turns.

Discovering the faces behind the mask, in return,

Bearing the bricks and bats, with undaunted passion!


The walk in the woods was winding and long,

From leading Evaluation to Exhibitions galore,

Moving towards administration of a community of 60 and more,

To discovering new roads, knowing rights from wrongs!


As I wander in the woods, in a Frosty kind of way,

Juggling my many roles and sharing from my heart,

I hope to keep the posts alive and make a fresh start…

On the journey called Life and the learning on its way!


IMG-20151106-WA0023Abhimanyu Das Gupta

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